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Our sister company, Wasatch Heat Cable began installing heat cable on roofs and in gutters for customers in 2000. Over the years we’ve learned so much about how ice dams are formed and have pioneered ways to deal with ice and snow. Actively looking for ways to improve, we’re confident we have the best methods in our trade and are excited to pass some informational tips and are happy that can bring the amazing products that Wasatch Heat Cable installs to you.

Wasatch Heat Cable has become an industry leader in roof and gutter deicing systems in the Utah area. We’ve combined our knowledge to not only help service our area, but to teach people like you that want to install your own heat cable systems. We’re here to answer questions about anything relating to heat cable systems. Electrical needs, roof situation, layout and design, circuit requirements, controllers or sensors, cable types and brands, and anywhere in between. We want you to do away ice dam problems or freezing pipe issues once and for all.

Giving Back
Quality Products

Many people from all over the world have reached out to us to ask for help to find a solution for their ice dam problems. We know there’s a need for these products in the greater US and want to help those that are out of our service area. That’s why we started an online retail store for the high-quality products we install in our service area.

HEATCABLE.COM is a retail site for the DIY customer wanting to buy and install their own system. For any advanced questions and extended training we may need to charge a small consulting fee. Depending on the situation we could help you set up and diagram your project to prepare you for the installation process. If DIY is not your thing, watch for a dealer to pop up in your area to help you out.

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