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Introduction to Pipe Trace

Pipe trace, also known as heat tracing or pipe heating, is an essential solution for maintaining the temperature of pipes and preventing them from freezing. Whether you are dealing with industrial processes or residential plumbing, ensuring your pipes remain at the optimal temperature can save you from costly repairs and system failures.

Why Pipe Trace is Important?

Pipe Trace Solutions
  • Prevent Freezing: In colder climates, pipes are at risk of freezing, leading to burst pipes and water damage. Heat tracing keeps the pipes warm and prevents freezing.

  • Maintain Process Temperatures: In industrial applications, maintaining specific temperatures is crucial for process efficiency and product quality.

  • Ensure Fluid Flow: For materials that solidify at lower temperatures, heat tracing ensures they remain fluid and easy to transport.

Applications of Pipe Trace

  • Residential Plumbing: Prevents water supply lines from freezing in cold climates.

  • Industrial Processes: Maintains the necessary temperatures for chemical reactions, oil transport, and food processing.

  • Commercial Buildings: Ensures proper operation of fire sprinkler systems and hot water supply lines.

Installation and Maintenance of Pipe Trace

Proper installation of a pipe trace system is crucial for its effectiveness. Here are the key steps:

  • Assessment: Determine the type and length of heating cable needed based on the pipe's material, length, and environmental conditions.

  • Installation: Secure the heating cable along the length of the pipe, ensuring it is evenly distributed.

  • Insulation: Cover the pipe and heating cable with appropriate insulation to enhance efficiency.

  • Testing and Maintenance: Regularly check the system for any signs of wear or damage and ensure the thermostat is functioning correctly.

Why Choose for Pipe Trace?

We exclusively use Drexan heat cable for pipe trace due to its quality and durability in mind. Along with Drexan, we offer a range of pipe trace and heat cable products designed to solve some of the most complicated pipe freezing issues. With our expertise, you'll find exactly what you need for any project, large or small.

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