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Heat Tape vs Heat Cable

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on choosing the right heat tape and heat cable solutions for your home or business. Understanding the differences between heat tape and heat cable will help you pick the right product for the application needed. 

What is the difference between heat tape and heat cable?

Not much other than a preference in what people call it, mostly due to geographical location, but it might be more widely known as heat tape vs heat cable. To us, it's the same thing. For us, we like heat cable for obvious's in the name.  


Heat cable is an essential tool for preventing damage from ice dams, water pipes from freezing, or for maintaining critical temperature control in various applications. Ideal for both residential and commercial use, heat tape is your go-to solution for frost protection and temperature maintenance. 

Choosing the Right Heat Cable

Constant Wattage Heat Cable: This type of cable maintains a consistent power output per unit length throughout its length, regardless of the surrounding temperature. It's typically used for higher temperature maintenance and can be ideal in industrial settings where specific temperature conditions are necessary. 

Self-Regulating Heat Cable: This cable automatically adjusts its power output based on the ambient temperature. As the temperature drops, the cable increases its heat output and vice versa, which helps in conserving energy and prevents overheating. It's especially useful for use in residential settings and simpler installations where variable temperature control is beneficial. We exclusively use and highly recommend Drexan Self-regulating Heat Cable vs other constant wattage due to it's quality, longevity, and 10-year warranty. 

Installation and Safety Tips

Installing heat tape and cable can be straightforward, but safety is paramount. Follow our expert tips to ensure your heat tape is installed correctly and safely. Remember, proper installation not only extends the life of your heat tape but also maximizes its efficiency.

Why Choose

We exclusively use Drexan heat cable due to its quality and durability in mind. Along with Drexan, we offer a range of heat tape and cable products designed to solve some of the most complicated ice dam issues. With our expertise, you'll find exactly what you need for any project, large or small.

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