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Discover the exceptional capabilities of M-1®, a remarkable moisture curing, polyether adhesive/sealant meticulously crafted to cater to a wide range of construction applications. Designed to withstand challenging construction site conditions, including both dry and wet/cold climates as low as 30°F, M-1® proves its reliability and effectiveness. Free from solvents and isocyanates, it stands as a trustworthy choice.


M-1® defies the common setbacks faced by other sealants. It does not shrink upon curing, remains unaffected by UV light, and avoids the common issue of "out-gassing" or bubbling on damp surfaces, often encountered with urethane sealants. Its ability to accommodate joint movement in excess of 35% in both compression and extension ensures flexibility and durability.


Choose from our array of White and Black colors, allowing you to harmonize aesthetics with functionality. M-1® boasts a low odor, prioritizing a pleasant user experience. Each 10.1oz caulking tube provides the means to attach approximately 30-40 clips, available in either aluminum or black finishes. These clips serve as reliable anchors for cables on various roof types. For optimal attachment, we recommend utilizing the M-1® adhesive, which streamlines the installation process. The clips feature a practical tab that can be bent down on-site, allowing simultaneous adherence to the drip edge and shingles using screws or a roofing adhesive product.


Rest assured, M-1® is compatible with all roof types and requires no roof penetration, offering a seamless and non-intrusive solution. Whether you're working with Drexan heating cables or pursuing other applications, these versatile clips deliver outstanding performance. Using a pair of pliers, effortlessly bend the clip to secure the cable in place. Please note that the adhesive will require approximately seven days to cure fully. With each standard 10.1oz caulking tube, you can attach approximately 30-40 clips, empowering you to embark on a transformative journey with confidence and efficiency.

Clips and Adhesive Bundle

    • Bundle includes 40 Clips per 1 tube of adhesive
    • For use with all roof types
    • Zero roof penetration required
    • For use with all Drexan heating cables
    • Weight: 3 lbs
    • Dimensions: 12 × 6 × 6 in
    • Color: Black clips with black adhesive, aluminum clips with white adhesive

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