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10w 240v is out of stock! 


This kit arrives factory terminated with end seal and power connection. You don't have to seal the cable ends or connect your power cord (unless hardwire option is selected). 


Video: What to expect when ordering heat cable by the foot!


MultiTrace® Self-Regulating Heating Cables for all your Pipe Freeze Protection and Roof/Gutter needs. Drexan HeatTracer MultiTrace is designed to serve the demands of the Commercial, Residential and Industrial non-hazardous market.

240v Drexan Self-Regulating Heat Cable Kit

PriceFrom $69.50
    • Watts per foot: 5w, 8w, 10w
    • Length: 10 - 420 feet (10 foot increments)
    • Plug Options: Hardwire, Plug, Plug with GFEP
    • 5 watt: 420 feet
    • 8 watt: 330 feet
    • 10 watt: 260 feet

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