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Introducing the Siemens QE 20 Amp GFEP Breaker, a reliable and high-performance electrical safety device specifically designed for de-icing systems on rooflines, gutters, and heat trace. This breaker, engineered with precision by Siemens, ensures superior protection for heat cable installation, keeping your roofline free from ice and snow buildup.


The Siemens QE 20 Amp GFEP Breaker is available in two voltage options: 120v (1 Pole) and 240v (2 Pole), allowing you to choose the model that best suits your specific heat cable system requirements. Whether you need to protect residential, commercial, or industrial roofline and gutter de-icing applications, this breaker offers the ideal solution.


Key Features:


  • Ground Fault Equipment Protection (GFEP): Continuously monitors the electrical current, promptly detecting ground faults that may occur within the de-icing cables. 

  • Siemens Reliability: As a renowned industry leader, Siemens brings its expertise and innovation to the QE 20 Amp GFEP Breaker. With a strong reputation for quality and durability, Siemens products are trusted by professionals worldwide. This breaker delivers exceptional performance and reliability, keeping your heat cable system operating effectively in harsh winter conditions.

  • Voltage Options: The QE 20 Amp GFEP Breaker is available in both 120v (1 Pole) and 240v (2 Pole) options, offering flexibility to meet your specific voltage requirements. Choose the appropriate model that matches your system's specifications, ensuring performance and compatibility.

  • Easy Installation: Installing the Siemens QE 20 Amp GFEP Breaker is straightforward and hassle-free. It is designed for compatibility with standard electrical panels, allowing for seamless integration into your heat cable system. With its user-friendly design, connecting the breaker to the designated power source is quick and efficient, reducing installation time and effort.

  • Robust Construction: This breaker is built to withstand the demanding conditions of roofline heat cable systems. With a rugged and durable construction, it ensures reliable performance and longevity, offering protection season after season. Count on Siemens' quality craftsmanship to deliver exceptional durability and peace of mind.


Upgrade your heat cable system's safety and performance with the Siemens QE 20 Amp GFEP Breaker. Whether you require the 120v or 240v option, this breaker is designed to provide optimal protection and efficiency for your heat cables. With Siemens' trusted reliability and advanced GFEP technology, you can confidently face winter weather challenges, keeping your roofline clear and safe.

Siemens QE 20-Amp GFEP Breaker

PriceFrom $264.99
    • 30 milliamp ground fault protection required for self-regulating cable
    • For Siemens QE Breaker Panels
    • Available in 120v (1 Pole) or 240v/277v (2 Pole)
    • Weight: 1.5 lbs
    • Dimensions: 4 × 3 × 1 in
    • Voltage: 120v (1 Pole), 240v (2 Pole)

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