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We offer three options for power connection to your heat cable system: hardwire, 120v plug, and a plug with GFEP breaker.


The hardwire option provides a permanent power connection for your heat cable system. It includes a kit with all the necessary components for a water-tight power connection, including a 1" diameter heat shrink, two wire butt connectors, mastic tape, a copper crimp sleeve, a 3’ SJO cold lead, one CGB, and one lock nut.


The 120v plug option is perfect for applications where a temporary solution is required. The plug can be easily plugged in and removed as needed, providing flexibility for your heat cable system.


For added safety, we offer a plug with an in-line 30 milliamp GFEP (Ground Fault Equipment Protection) spliced onto the end of the cable. This option eliminates the need for a costly and elusive GFEP breaker in the breaker panel, saving you valuable time and resources.


Please note that lengths for each option vary depending on application and can be custom made.

Heat Cable Power Options

PriceFrom $38.00
    • Weight: 4 lbs
    • Dimensions: 3 × 3 × 2 in
    • Plug Options: Hardwire, Plug (120V only), Plug with GFEP
  • Hardwire:

    • $35 min, +$3/foot

    120v Plug only:

    • 9 ft = $45
    • 10-25 ft = +$16 splice + $3/ft added length

    Plug w/GFEP:

    • 3 ft = $125
    • 4-25 ft = +$16 splice + $3/ft added length

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