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Introducing the Eaton BR 20-Amp GFEP Breaker, a high-performance electrical safety device designed specifically for heat cable systems. With its advanced features and reliable construction, this breaker ensures optimal protection for your heat cable installation, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your electrical system.


The Eaton BR 20-Amp GFEP Breaker is available in two voltage options: 120v (1 Pole) and 240v (2 Pole), allowing you to select the model that best suits your heat cable system requirements. Whether you need to protect residential, commercial, or industrial heat cable applications, this breaker offers the ideal solution.


Key Features:


  • Ground Fault Equipment Protection (GFEP): Engineered specifically for heat cable systems, this breaker incorporates advanced GFEP technology. It continuously monitors the electrical current in your heat cable, quickly detecting any ground faults that may occur. In the event of a fault, the breaker swiftly interrupts the circuit, preventing electrical shocks and potential damage to the heat cable system.

  • Robust Construction: The Eaton BR 20-Amp GFEP Breaker is built to withstand the demanding conditions commonly associated with heat cable installations. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance and long-lasting protection, even in harsh environments. This breaker is designed to deliver consistent and dependable safety for your heat cable system.

  • Easy Installation: Installing the Eaton BR 20-Amp GFEP Breaker is straightforward and hassle-free. It seamlessly integrates into your existing electrical panel, enabling a smooth installation process. With its user-friendly design, connecting the breaker to the designated power source is simple and efficient. Get your heat cable system protected quickly and efficiently.

  • Safety Certifications: The Eaton BR 20-Amp GFEP Breaker meets rigorous safety standards and is certified by recognized organizations, providing assurance of its quality and reliability. This ensures that your heat cable system is compliant with electrical codes and regulations, giving you confidence in the safety and performance of your installation.


Upgrade your heat cable system's safety with the Eaton BR 20-Amp GFEP Breaker. Whether you require the 120v or 240v option, this breaker is designed to provide optimal protection for your specific voltage requirements. With its advanced technology, robust construction, and ease of installation, this breaker is an essential component for ensuring the safety and efficiency of your heat cable system. Invest in the Eaton BR 20-Amp GFEP Breaker today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with superior electrical protection.


Eaton Type GFEP Ground fault equipment protector with thermal-magnetic trip unit, is suitable for use with Type BR load centers and circuit breakers. Ground fault equipment protector is rated at 20-Amps and 120/240-Volt AC. Interrupt rating of this equipment protector is 10-Kilo-Amps. This 1-Phase ground fault equipment protector accepts 14 – 4-AWG aluminum/copper conductors. Plug-on mountable breaker has 30-Milli-Amps sensitivity. Equipment protector is UL listed.

Eaton Type BR 20-Amp GFEP Breaker

PriceFrom $276.75
    • Thermal-magnetic trip unit for enhanced protection
    • Designed for use with Eaton Type BR load centers and circuit breakers
    • Rated at 20-Amps and compatible with 120/240-Volt AC applications
    • Interrupt rating of 10-Kilo-Amps for reliable performance during electrical faults
    • Accepts aluminum/copper conductors ranging from 14 to 4-AWG
    • Plug-on mountable design for easy installation and maintenance
    • 30-Milli-Amps sensitivity for quick response and accurate ground fault detection
    • UL listed, meeting stringent safety standards for peace of mind
    • Ideal for residential, commercial, or industrial applications requiring ground fault equipment protection
    • Weight: 2 lbs
    • Dimensions: 7 × 4 × 1 in
    • Voltage: 120v (1 Pole), 240v (2 Pole)

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