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Available in aluminum or black finishes and sold in packs of 10, clips are used to anchor cable to any roof type. M1 adhesive (sold separately) is recommended for attaching clips to the roof. Clips have a tab that when bent out 90 degrees provide a surface to adhere to the drip edge as well as shingles.



  • For use with all roof types
  • Zero roof penetration required
  • For use with all Drexan heating cables


Clips for Self Regulating Heat Cable is designed to install heat cable on the roof. These clips have been designed specifically to be able to be installed to the roof using an adhesive.


Our clips feature an innovative tab that is able to be bent down in the field to allow it to be attached to the roof and drip edge simultaneously using screws or a roofing adhesive product.


Once the clips are installed you can then install the cable using a pair of pliers to bend the clip to hold the cable in place. The adhesive will need to cure for approx 7 days. 1 standard 10.1oz caulking tube will attach approximately 40 - 50 clips.

Installation Clips for Self-Regulation Heat Cable (Pack of 10)

    • Compatible with all roof types
    • 10 clips included in this package
    • No roof penetration required for installation (adhesive sold separately)
    • Only available at!
    • Weight: .5 lbs
    • Dimensions: 5 × 2 × 2 in

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